Voice of America (VOA) TV Farsi Interview with Noreen Motamed


Excerpt from Broadcast of 3 December 2008

Shabahang Netwrok

Writer and producer: Sara Dehghan

VJ: Arash Akhtari-Raad


English translation of the transcript


Voice of America's news anchor, Luna Shad: “From City of Portland in the state of Oregon we go to Los Angles to see Noreen Motamed in her art exhibition at the Seyhoun Gallery.”


Narrator: Noreen Motamed has experienced diverse painting styles; however, what unites her styles is a trace of Iranian history and culture that is prominent in most of her work.


Narrator: Iranian Miniatures, paintings of Seljuk and Safavid Dynasties, and Persian Rug Weavers, are the source of inspiration for Noreen Motamed in creating her paintings.


Narrator: Female Weavers whom are dissolved in their own created motifs and are not recognized or remembered by anyone, are the main subject of one of Noreen’s painting collections.


Narrator: In regards to the sources of her inspiration Noreen Motamed says: “I have different series of paintings with distinctive themes such as Human and Nature and The Weavers.  These are female hand weavers who put in the most amount of effort in producing their creation while they remain unknown.


Noreen: “Persian Paintings and Persian Miniatures have had a significant influence on me within the last four years.  The factors that have attracted me are spiritual spaces, colors, composition, and absence of perspective (in the Persian miniatures). And I have attempted to utilize them in some manner in my work”.


Narrator: Noreen Motamed is not attracted to absolute abstract and one can consistently see human figures and nature in her creations.


Narrator: In regards to non-Iranian spectators of her (earlier) creations she describes: “The Weavers collection is more of an eastern theme unfamiliar to most westerners where it may require additional explanation to be understood. Thus I think that collection was more successful in Iran, since they may have a better understanding of the way of a hand weaver’s life and motifs of Persian carpets – The subject was too eastern.”


Narrator: However, being Eastern is less prominent in Noreen Motamed’s latest paintings, and westerners can better relate to the paintings exhibited in this gallery.